Tanya aka Elle T.

Native New Yorker who gets around over the last 10 years as a photographer. Current contracts are in NY and out of state. Elle is a wealth of information as well as a professional in all she does. Small busniess owners contract her for her Virtual Assisting as a temp when needing an extra set of hands for marketing and branding assisting. Primarily Shooting Portraits for
Family, Events, Commericial and Retouching/Memorial Images.

Intake Form:  New:  or Set up an appointment on Calendly,  We are working in PA, NJ, NY, CT and a few other neighboring east coast for School Pictures ( Primarily Private Schools).  

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Photo Pod Images Flyer 2021

I remember in 2011 saying, I will never shoot a wedding only maternity and newborns. I am definitely shooting weddings now and loving every bit of it. I still am astonished that I have booked closed to 40 weddings from small courthouse to wedding with over 20 people in the wedding party. I work well with Vendors, Venues and Bride and Groom. Trial and Error has helped me be the most organized, responsible photographer. I thank God for the patience he has for me and the clients that have shown their appreciate for my work. I am just now learning how to shoot off camera flash however its a powerful tool that I am happy about.

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