Client Perks

This is a Boutique that is truly here for you. 

Special   get paid to help me grown my business.  

New: Children and Adult cash referral 5% of the booking.  Example 5% of 300 is $15  Call me about details.  I set up a contract with  you and your family and we can do direct deposits!  

I am a former event coordinator and decorator from the 90s.  I love creating my own sets and love love love carpentry. I recently started making furniture! 

 1.  Video Chats which are key in determining lighting in your home or sharing some of the props I will be bringing to yours. I love communication. 

2. Every client Now gets 2 galleries. 

(A  ) Storage Gallery unlimited time. Upload  your own photos or ideas for your session or even let your family add photos they have taken of you and  family if you want me to print them or make an album.  So people use this to show me images for their own ideas for their upcoming session.  I have Pinterest as well @photopodimagesllc  but understand if its easier to text me an image, I then add it to your gallery to study your likes.  You can download whenever you want.  It has no expiration date, however in the event I end this account I have had since 2008, I will notify you and ask you to download your items or add them to storage device that you send me and get it to you. 

(B) A 90 Day Edited Gallery for show and for ordering prints.  Right now you can download but soon we will be charging $40.00 to download which covers the cost to keep it running.  That gallery is on under my account.  

3. Contracts, Invoicing and Payment options which are very organized. We have grown and learn what works and love when things are organized.  

4. Basic editing for a certain amount of images free. 

5. Additional Retouching is depending on time and product solutions , we may begin outsourcing to help someone kids in college that are very good at graphics and have the time.  I shoot almost daily now and don't have the time even though I love it.  (Range $75.00 - $100)  (Some brides and bridal parties request special editing as well as our newborns and maternity clients.  

6. Quicker turn around time.  Basic view of galleries are 72 hours to 1 week.  This may include a few edits but if I have to edit more than 8 images - My new time is 2 weeks.  I feel bad that I can't move faster but I am glad when the job is complete.  I allow 3 hours of post production free of charge but special editing is much longer.  Sometimes Wifi is OUT even with the 400 ( Wifi Packet on Cablevision) we will need patience.  

7. Skills and love for what I do.  I have a plan, it includes bringing a smile to your face and joy to your heart!  Its been working for 10 years.  I use  to be very slow at turn around time because I worked  other jobs and did photography.  

8. Full time at your service!  Yassss I did it.  I choose to be there for you and not you and a desk job! 

9.New: Children and Adult cash referral 5% of the booking.  Example 5% of 300 is $15 

Great way for children to add to their piggy bank. Refer me to their classmates.  

10. Gear top of the notch!  Sony , Westcott and Flashpoint.  I am still adding.  I try to be creative with lighting and don't always carry a lot with me but I have lights, backdrops and many props!  

Weddings are moving to Shoot Proof.

  • Coming Soon
  • Flay lay of Blue Baby Bodysuit / Baby Jumpsuit for baby boy isolated on blue colored background, Baby shower, It’s boy concept
  • More and More request for Life style photo sessions.  Lets do this!
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