Inspirations of My Photography Career for 10 years

Tanya Ndip ( Serving NJ, Westchester and other areas of NY. I love the view on the Hudson line in Tarrytown, the amazing trails to the top of the Kensico Dam and the little quiet area of Nannahagen Park  as well as so many beautiful spots.  My husband and I live at Fordham Terrace and hope to open up the studio space here summer 2021 for Newborns - preteens. 

We are grandparents of 4 children under 12 years old and just love them so much. While my husband works I shoot and I have a large group of friends and family that love me as I love them dearly.  I love people and love God. Thanks for stopping by. Call me at 347-872-4130 or email me at  

Tanya Ndip shares how she started 2011

I am so grateful for all the amazing families and individuals who have booked me over the years. Today a 7 year old young lady, handed me a roll of her savings after the newborn shoot I had with her baby brother and her family. I cried and her mom said, "She really asked us and wants for you to have it." She was my photo assistant and the camera police! I asked her to make sure I remembered to put the strap around my neck, because her brother was so beautiful, I might forget! I asked her why she thought I should have all her savings which she told me was her tooth fairy money and she said because I was very good. Recently her family had to move because they had a fire in her home and they lost almost everything. You would never know it by her joy and love for her baby brother. Her brother and her both play the violin which was destroyed in the fire. If any one has a two child size violins to spare please contact me. I will love to encourage her. I might do a video with her discussing what she likes. No money please just a violin or two. I live in NYC. email or message me. Tanya Ndip

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