Infant Session


4-11 Months $379

Each appointment is tailored to your needs. We truly mean it when we say, 

Photo Pod Images is Here for You.  We take our time and keep a big gap between appointments incase baby is resting.  We shoot sleepy baby and baby awake.  

We come with our equipment, props and allow multiple outfits.  10-20 images are taken. Depending on baby. 


THIS IS FOR BABY AND FAMILY.  Look out for our Specials like BOGO which comes in handy for a birthday shoot and a shots at a birthday party!  Wink Wink, Book us on the 11th month and be granted a 1 hour pop up at a birthday the next month! 



Ages 1-17  $299 Add on $100 for Party (1) Hour. 

Happy Birthday to you!  Portraits Session.  Lights, Camera Action!  If you are not celebrating a milestone, we have another packages you might like for your little one just below.  This is for those that are celebrating a birthday, graduation and the like.  Family is Welcomed.  

(10) Images are taken, Free downloads with a print package of your choice which vary depending on year, season and need. 



0-3 months $279

Photo session for newborn baby. We come to your home ( 1 to 2 ) person's  depending on your need.  Natural light.  Add on $100 for Lighting equipment and additional Prop) 

We have a newborn half-moon baby fits in, a desk, a few baskets, a bird's nest, a royal white and gold carriage, an airplane and a few other cool things for baby.  This is your newborn and your time too. We welcome family to enjoy the experience.  (10) for baby up to 10 more for  other family or siblings.  


Tanya Ndip 347-872-4130 Sale for Kids

$45 Home school, Day cares, Private, Public (Group rate of over (4) kids 

Drum roll!  Each child's caregiver is responsible for paying $45 per house house of children. This is offered to children in school or outside of School!  I know its very low but we want our children to smile and enjoy life and not remember 2020 and after as the time of mask, illness and depression!  ( 4 images) downloadable gallery, mobile app) 1 year to order prints!  When you do order ( 4) 8x10s for $20 - This can be split with families of more than 1 child.  Remember us and we remember you and your family.  



$425 plus 

We love to meet then needs of a a pregnant woman.  We also know that sometimes their needs require a lot of love and attention.  From frequent breaks between the session to multiple appointment for multiple outfits and locations. 

 $400The Base line price is a 1.5 hour session 4-8 images depending on client. online gallery We supply Outfit, location outdoors until November 1, 2021. ( Special Print Options)  (1) 16x20 or (2) 11x14, Downloads and mobile apps.  

Add Ons: $300 Two outfits up to 3 hours of time.:  Can be a special event instead of session. 

Add Ons:  $100 Newborn appointment ( Natural Light) Hospital ) unlimited

Add Ons $See the newborn packages for details for studio light. 

We Store your images


$99 (1) Pose 

Sometimes it's just that one pose. Online Gallery Downloads available and permission to reprint. ( 1) 11x14 (4) 8x10 


Children Birthday Parties $300 under 14, $400 15 years and up. 

All birthdays or other Events .  We make sure we get 40 best  images, online gallery and ( 1) 16x20 Poster. ( 40) 4x6 images  that can be a thank you!  

add-on  for larger print package or albums. not listed. 

Video coverage available Additional $100

We do not shoot past 9pm. 

Teen Something Else


Special Portraits for Almost Grown $45

I know, like what!  Well This applies for Group of Friends that want to take pictures around prom time or night of prom.  Must have 5 Booked to make $45 each Teen Session.  3 Images Fun wacky and beautiful images.  We are here for you.  Download gallery and Mobile App. 

However, Drum Roll if you want your own special hour ( Getting Ready and Images outside) Birthday or School Portraits cap and gown,  ( $175) 


Seasonal Portraits for 1-5 individuals

$99Option 1 : 20- Minute Outdoor Portrait Session (1-5 people) (1) 11x14 Print (4) Digital Images Gallery to Download

$200 Option 2 : 40- Minute Outdoor Portrait Session (5-7 people) ( (1) 11x14, (4) 8x10 Prints 4 Digital Images Download Gallery 20-minute family photo shoot for up to 5 subjects Up to 4 Digital Images to own rights to and Downloadable Gallery One (11x14) Collage or Single Pose Print

Both Include

Mobile Gallery Free Storage Gallery for 1 year

Options to Order Prints

Gallery Expiration 30 days after download made available

About Photo Pod Images LLC As a grandma of 4 adorable little ones, I know what it means to hold a dear image close to your heart. I have been a Family Photographer since since 2011 and finally able to say I am very professional and use high end equipment and the best energy to get things done.

People love my work and refer me all then time. My online galleries and storage galleries are also a big sell even though they all come free with session!

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