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Get your outdoor generation session for a low rate of $150.00. 6 photos that will be sent your phone at the end of the session if wifi is working!  Example but not limited.

1. Group photo of all.  Grandparents, Children and Grands

2. 1st generation photo - Grandparents if two sets okay.  

3. 2nd generation photo- Parents and Siblings, like Mother Day, Aunts, Uncles. 

4. Third generation photo - Children and cousins. 

5. 1st and 2nd generation  - Parents and Children

6. 1st and Third generation  Grandparents and Grands

Additional photos are just $5.00 per photograph taken.  

Color photos are free. 

Black and Whites are sent later on $10.00 procession fee to convert. 

No prints on spot.  Orders can be placed online.  We will help you order. 

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